How to reduce meat consumption?

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Dr Ellen van der Werff, Assistant Professor, Social Psychology, Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences (conducted research into the psychology of eating meat), University of Groningen

How to reduce meat consumption?

The consumption of meat leads to environmental problems. The large number of animals held for their meat produce greenhouse gas emissions. Greenhouse gas emissions in turn lead to climate change. Furthermore, a lot of land is needed to grow food for the animals. Therefore, forests are cut down, which leads to even more environmental problems. By reducing our meat consumption, we can help to reduce these problems. But how can we stimulate other people to cut down on the amount of meat they consume?

We eat meat for many different reasons: some may like the taste of it, others think it is beneficial for our health, and a lot of us enjoy eating our meals (often containing meat) with friends and family. Despite the environmental problems, there are many benefits to eating meat. Can these benefits be overcome? Can people be motivated to reduce their meat consumption (for example, by eating more plant-based food or by eating meat with a smaller environmental impact)? And if so, how can people be motivated to change their diet given the many benefits of consuming meat?

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